Celebrate! Free shoes in honor of the blog



Here is the deal dudes. We are super excited about our new blog, and we want you to be too! To celebrate, we are giving away  $100 gift cards to five lucky  FOLLOWERS.

There are a total of 4 ways to enter…and they are all easy as hell:

1.Follow us on TWITTER. @bakersshoes

2.Follow us on Facebook. facebook.com/bakersshoes

3.Follow us on insta. @bakersbabes

4.Post a comment on the blog with your name and shoe size.

You can pick one, or do all 4 to get even more noticed. If you really want to get noticed, leave a comment or shout us a holler. We will be randomly selecting 5 winners on JUNE 20th. Winners will be announced on the blog and asked to contact us to collect the goods.






  1. Brittany "Bella" Graham

    I’m so happy Bakers is still around!! I love your shoes and all the physical stores in SoCal have closed :( Please let me know if you have a fashion blogger program or are looking for more Baker Babes on your social media team! I manage the social media for the Westfield Culver City Mall and I’m the Editor and Marketing Director for the fashion and beauty blog, http://www.LipstickLaceAndLattes.com!

  2. Emilola

    For several years, Bakers’ shoes has always been head turning whenever I wear them. I adore Bakers Shoes for their unique designs. Go Bakers Shoes, u rock!!!

  3. Elle Briarson

    LOVE Bakers Shoes! Always the freshest, feminine styles I can wear anywhere (and do!)
    Elle Briarson ~Size 10

    Following on Twitter @FashionistaDET
    Following on Facebook (Elle Briarson)
    Following on Instagram (@fashionistaliving)

  4. María

    No one its on my level when it comes to me and bakers. Love it or hate it its about me an my bakers shoes.

  5. Stacee

    So excited about the new blog! I look forward to getting the latest update on what’s happing in fashion AND at Bakers! Everytime I wear your shoes (size 9) people borderline steal them from me because they look so cute! I love my Bakers shoes! Whenever I want to make a statement I know my shoes speak for themselve. Thanks for keeping me chic! :)

  6. patricia U Onyeise

    I am a baker shoe lover , that is a cute shoe, I like it.and my shoe size is 8.

  7. monica

    I really love bakers!! I’m so addicted to the website!!!

  8. justy

    I love bakers shoes! I wear a size 9 in a half! PICK ME!

  9. Kimberly Thomas

    Love bakers. You guys have definitely stepped up your shoe game. Im a size 10/11

  10. Michele Alexander

    My name is michele and I’m a shoeacholic. As a child I was tomboy.
    Never had a girlie shoe, always wore sneakers. Then I blossomed and
    discovered and appreciated beautiful, sexy and playful pumps. And then
    I realized I can wear heels according to my mood. I am true stiletto girl!!!!!
    I buy two or three pairs of shoes at a time a few times a month. I have so
    many shoes but I can’t stop buying shoes. Please give ME that gift card
    and keep the shopping alive……thank you.
    and keep the shopping of shoes alive…….thank you.

  11. Keisha D

    Hello Bakers I miss your store but the website is the best..the shoes are so comfy I can wear them all night :)

    Happy Shoe Buyer!

  12. Zee

    Miss zee baby size 7 I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeee bakers

  13. sherry

    Bakers shoes are the best… and the quality of the shoe rates an 10 and 10 being the highest.

  14. Keisha D

    Hello Bakers I miss your store but the website is the best..the shoes are so comfy I can wear them all night :)

    Happy Shoe Buyer!


  15. Chaynna

    I’m so HAPPY Bakers isn’t closing. I thought I was gonna die. Sz 9

  16. deidre morgan

    I remember in my wedding of 89, myself,9 bridesmaids & 1maid of honor wearing your dyeables of a peachy hue.LOL! And as a huge bonus,your store even dyed my flower girl shoes even tho I did not purchase from u(ddnt sell kids). For that alone I have always shopped bakers. It’s a plus for me that u have really nice stuff! ;;))

  17. Ashley

    Suh-weet! Loving the new blog. Ashely S – Size 9.5
    Followed on all social networks too (twitter: @spitupisinstyle; instagram: @ashleymszeremet)

  18. Candace

    I absolutely love Bakers shoes. I’d l ive in the store if I could.

  19. Serena

    I’m very glad you re-vamped your style! I love bakers shoes!

  20. christina

    Loveeee Bakers shoes!!!… only store I shoe shop from.

  21. natural dominicana

    I love bakers shoes since I lived in nyc

  22. Keya U

    I love Bakers Shoes and I am a faithful follower on Instagram
    @kb101112….. oh and I wear a size 8 :-)

  23. Amanda

    I have gotten many compliments on my over the knee boots. I am a size 6W.

  24. Francesca Gaudio

    Size 10 Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waaaahoooooooo!!!! Love you Bakers Shoes!!!

  25. hildely matt

    Yes. I’m a shoes lover from baker’s. Size 8

  26. Brandi

    I’ve always been a huge fan! I would love to visit the store on State Street in Chicago, then I moved and they have one in the mall close to me! So happy! <3 Size 10!

  27. Chiffon

    I have always been a Bakers shoe lover… My go to shoe company… Sad when Bakers went out of business at the malls I shop at..

  28. Quinterra Bethune

    I’m a bakers babe. I wear a size 7 and they Bakers store in my local mall was shut down :( I need Bakers back in my life!!!

  29. haniya

    I have been a bakers shoe fan since 10 years now :) all my shoes are from Bakers and I wear a size 6.

  30. Jametta Ware

    I love my Bakers shoe. I tell my friends to shop at Bakers. I get alot of comments about where I get my shoes. Thanks Bakers.

  31. Sally

    I love baker shoes I was super sad to see the stores close I hope they will open them again!

  32. Jill

    Jill here! Who doesn’t love free shoes?!
    Size 7.5 for this Bakers Babe.

  33. Amber

    So happy to be receiving emails again from you guys! We miss your stores hear in WI!
    Size 7 btw! : )

  34. Yvonne

    I been a baker fan for a long time.I was disappointed when I find out the store was closing but I’m happy that I’m receiving email from your ;) shoes size 7

  35. cristian gandara

    Im from México and I only go to us formy bakers shoes, Ilove bakers shoes.
    Size 6 ;)

  36. Alex m

    I’m so happy to walk into Bakers everyday and stare at shoes!! I’ m a size 9

  37. Shine

    Size 10 been following on IG since you guys came back!

  38. Denise

    Most of the shoes in my closet are from Bakers… 7.5 PLEASE

  39. Leticia A.

    Leticia A. size 7! (@leti95) (Phototakerleti {IG})

  40. Katie

    Katie size 8.5 – 9. I have loved Bakers for years and sadly where I live, in Flint MI, our Bakers is no more! :( Would love to get free shoes! <3

  41. Sabrina C

    I LOVE BAKERS! The shoes are phenomenal and the customer service has always been fantastic! Size 9

  42. jasmine

    9 1/2 ily Bakers bit upset about the stores closing but you guys Rock!!

  43. Sabrina Guzy

    Size 11. Baker’s shoes always rockin’ my sox

  44. gabriela

    siempre sueño con zapatos Bakers I lov them ;-) my size 5.2

  45. Lauren T

    Gimme shoes!! Lauren Thornton 7.5

    And open another store in Houston! I went on my birthday to the Galleria and nearly cried when I saw another store where Bakers used to be.

  46. Nicole Cunningham

    I would love to update my closet with more of your FLY shoes…size 10!! :)

  47. Rickole Thompson

    HI BAKERS SQUAD! … my name is … Rickole & my shoe size is “8″ … I’ve always wanted a pair of shoes from the store, when I went to my hometown mall, Bakers shoe store was closed down …. I was kind of sad but I have no idea why it was closed down .. they probably won’t reopen it anytime soon

  48. Alison Walters

    Bakers, y’all know I must really love y’all shoes….cause I’m posting my shoe size (A.K.A my private shame) on a PUBLIC site…Size.11….SMH…..

  49. Paola raissa Agoh Heu

    I had my birthday 2 days ago….this will be an excellent birthday present since I love bakersshoes.
    facebook: paola silona
    twitter: silonabrin
    instagram: silonabrin

    Paola Raissa Agoh Heu

  50. Dilek

    FREE SHOES! But seriously, I adore BakersShoes.

    Name: Dilek Asanoska
    shoe size: 6

  51. Erica Hale

    Erica size 7 please and thank you :) FYI I <3 your shoes

  52. Ester Vargas

    Ester Vargas
    Size 8
    I <3 Shoes!
    I <3 Bakers Shoes
    facebook.com/esterita17 , twitter.com/Esterita17 , instagram.com/shikito_baby

  53. Maria Baez

    Maria Baez size 9! totally addicted with Bakers! was super sad when i found you were closing, glad you never left!

  54. Rebecca

    Rebecca mickens, size 8.5, love bakers n miss the boise location:(

  55. Brittany Butts

    Brittany Butts

    Size 7


  56. Jasmine

    8.5 I lobe shoes!!! Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!!!

  57. Jennifer Wilkes

    Loving the new style/direction that Bakers is going in. I’m a size 8!

  58. Julissa

    Love this store! You guys always have something unique for any occasion! Can’t wait to get my hands on some free shoes! Size 6 1/2 please! :)

  59. Crystal

    OMG!!! I thought all hope was lost when the brick and mortar stores in my town closed down. Bakers is the ONLY place I can get my fashionable shoes from and everyone always asks where I get them!!! I wear a size 11 and they fit PERFECTLY!!! :-D

  60. Shelly Crump

    I’m a shoe lover and bakers is my number one spot. I wear a 6 1/2 =) thanks -Shelly

  61. Deanna

    I have little feet between a 6.5 and a 7.
    I always get the most compliments on my Bakers Shoes!!
    Especially my turquoise heels!!

  62. Tiffani Daniels

    My go to store for summer sandals!
    #TiffaniDaniels #Size9shoe

  63. LaTonya Lala

    I love bakershoes they are soo awsome & they always have a hott variety of shoes & accessories im your #1fan bakers keep up with cool work. My shoes size is 11 love ya bakershoes

  64. Yumiko

    I LOVE Bakers shoes! So sad that they closed the stores in San Antonio :( I used to buy my shoes there now I can only do it online.

    5 or 5.5


  65. Veronique St.Clair

    Veronique St.Clair; Shoe Size 8.5. I’m ecstatic that you’re back!!!!

  66. Andrea Darst

    I follow on Twitter & Instagram – @adarst213

  67. melissa black

    Huge bakers shoe fan! Im a size 9-9 1/2 and i am following on instagram @yellowb24

  68. Jennotta

    I love Bakers Shoes! Bakers have been around for years. One of the best shoe store there is for good quality shoes!

  69. Christus Jamison

    Love this company. I wear a 9 and I am absolutely obsessed with all the variety that Baker’s offer in heels. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  70. tricia

    I LOVE SHOES!!! I am a 7.5 – muchas gracias for this great giveaway idea!!!

  71. Lina Caldwell

    I love Bakers shoes. I wear a size 5 1/2 and am addicted to Bakers.

  72. janea

    I’m super happy I still get to shop with you guys online. Where I’m from they took away both of the bakers stores. Super sad. My name is janea I follow you guys I wear a size 7.
    Love yours truly, this bakers babe ♥

  73. Keisha

    I love bakers shoes!!!!!!! I literally cried when the store in Livingston Mall closed! Please pick me. I promise I will rock those shoes! I’m also following you on insta as @butterflywingzz
    I’m a size 7 1/2! Please pick me!

  74. Jennifer

    I love bakers my poem shoes came from here my first date with my first date with my hubby was in there shoes. I got the cutest boots and tie up shoes from here Im in my 30 something and I’ve been in there shoes and since high school. Now I help others with my bakers shows. Stay around I got a daughter now.

  75. Gladys A.

    So happy for you guys and the new blog! I love the look of it & it’s so easy to navigate like the website. Happy customer since 2007.

    p.s. I am a size 7.5 シ

    -Gladys xo

  76. ariana

    Bakers shoes are a necessity in life. I have several pairs and I must say that at my event, no one’s shoes even came close. In fact, I even wore them to bed lol (no seriously); I wear a size 9

  77. Sakita Hooper

    Love your shoes I’ve been wearing them for years.I would love to win size 10


    Stephanie Size 6 1/2

  79. Dana

    So glad Bakers is getting an overhaul, I’ve been missing the old quality. Size 6.5

  80. Pamela Hsieh

    I’m looking forward to what you’ve got in store! I’ve followed you on everything :) I wear a size 6.5-7! Hooray for shoes!!

  81. Tirria Blanks

    I have been shopping at Bakers for years. They have shoes for all occasions. My shoe size is 8, Ijust love their shoes.

  82. Shantonia Wilson

    I love you bakers Im glad your back. I drive all the way to lenox mall just to get to your store. I wear a size 10. I hope I wish a pair of free shoes *fingers crossed*.

  83. Romina Villegas

    I love bakers!!! I’m a size 8.5 :) please please pretty pleaaaaase

  84. Michelle Evans

    I love baker shoes my closet is full of them. Size 8.

  85. Chips N

    Chris, and I’m a guy who loves high heels <3 Size 11 pleaseeee~~~

  86. bailey

    I’m Bailey and I use to hate to wear any shoe that would make me taller than my 5’9 height. One day, thank God, I got over it. Now I love love love heels!! Hate flats!! Unless they’re super cute sandals! I have tons of shoes, because it has blossomed into an addiction! I keep all my shoes in boxes to keep them safe and protected! I wear a size 7.5 open toe and 8 closed toe! Pick me!!!!

  87. nancy

    shoe sz 5.5 been a bakersshoes shopper since 2001 always a hapy camper…recently moved upstate and no Bakers store out here Rochester NY I so miss my store so now I can only shop on line Hope to be the lucky winner.. Stilettos are my fetish #BakersRocks you can follow me on twitter and IG @stilettostar13

  88. Andrea Aguirre

    Gotta have them shoes !!! Andrea Aguirre size 8

  89. Alison Walters

    Hey just a friendly reminder to PICK ME, Alison! Size 11 please! #dabiggerdabetta #moshoesplease #willwork4shoes #BAKERBABE #loyalcustomer

  90. Belinda S.

    I love Bakers such hott shoes, I own so many pairs. Glad you guys made a come back. Size 9

  91. Miya

    What’s not to LOVE about Baker’s?!?! Pick me….wonderful size 9! Be blessed! xoxo

  92. LaTonya C


  93. kanhnilla

    Size 7.5….i loooooove baker shoes……sad the stores in brooklyn, ny are closed but still get ur updates about special sales online…..i would love some free baker shoes!!!!!

  94. Tonya Ester

    My daughters and I Love Bakers Shoes we all three wear the same size shoe 8.Yassssss Mam honey bakers is the place for those shoes Honey!!!

  95. Camilla Henley

    Shouts out to Bakers the baddest shoe store in the land. Pick me Mama “C” I wear a size 8.

  96. Dina

    Size 8!!! Love your shoes guys!!! I am a follower at insta and twitter!!! Good luck

  97. Marcela H

    Shoe size is 6, can’t wait to know if I won a wonderful pair of shoes from bakers!

  98. Jasmine

    Nobody and I mean NOBODY!! Can ever love shoes as much as ME! Size 8.5.. Pick Me!!

  99. Irena Guliche

    Me and my bridesmaids are going to be all wearing Bakers, for my summer wedding! Can you say I LOOOVE Bakers Shoes? :)

    Irena Guliche
    Size: 10

  100. Ellie P.

    I love Bakers Shoes! Let’s see if I get lucky with this~

    Size 6.5 or 7

  101. Venessa

    Venessa 7 1/2

    So sad that the Bakers in Burlington AND Rockingham closed ): Fave shoe store! I was so sad to see it go. 90% of my shoes are from Bakers <3

  102. Vicki Rocus

    My tongue is wagging, and my sole is filled with joy over the chance to win Baker’s shoes. Boring shoes are my arch enemy. Winning a gift card would certainly wedge some happiness into my flat life. You would really pump me up, and boot the doldrums caused by the summer blahs. Don’t be a heel…pick little ole’ me.

  103. Brandy

    I Love you Bakers. IMiss the your stores but have fallen in love with the website. Size 8

  104. Juliana

    Can I take part? I’m from Argentina and I love Bakers!!! 7

  105. Ginny Pickens

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes especially Bakers shoes. I could shop in there all day and still find something new that I loved. The shoes there are affordable and extra cute which is why I love it!
    P.S.- I wear a size 8

  106. Kimberly

    Free shoes must be every girls d dream. At least ever girl in their right mind. 8

  107. Evelyn R.

    I loved bakers shoes, good quality, styles are
    Fabulous .. You can get from shoes to bags and
    More . My first time shopping at bakers was in the Humacao mall in Puerto Rico.
    I recommend this store to everyone.
    My size is 9 1/2 to 10.

  108. Tonya Rawls

    I absolutely love Bakers shoes!!! I always find what I need at their stores. Size 9

  109. Peachtra Cole

    Helllllo bAbes & Bakers so ❤ your shoes ..
    They allow my 4’11 height to stand tall on party
    Nights … My shoe size is 6 or 6 1/2

  110. Charm

    Bakers shoes rock! Every time I wear my platforms, people ask me where I got them…Bakers! Like, DUH???! ;)

    Charm Size 9

  111. La'Kenya King

    Big huge fan of bakers shoes…funky…fashionable and affordable. .the new red bottoms…size 10…

  112. Jen

    I love Bakers Shoes. Been shopping at Bakers forever! 8.5 please! :)

  113. Tonya Goings

    BAKERS FAN FOR YEARS…I HAVE A HUGE WALJUN CLISET FULL OF BAKERS SHOES I’VE COLLECTED OVER THE YRS CANT PART WITH…HANDED SOME DOWN TO MY DAUGHTER….HAVE FAM MEMBERS HOOKED…MY SON TRIES TO DISTRACT ME WHEN WE GO TO MALL AND WE’RE WALKING BY BAKERS…SAYS I DNT NEED ANYMORE SHOES…..BUT OF COURSE I TELL HIM AS A WOMEN U NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH SHOES AND THAT IF HE WANTS TO KEEP HIS WIFE HAPPY….ALWAYS BUY HER SHOES…I literally called the corporate office when I heard the stores were being closed and sold to aldos….and was happy when things were explained to me in detail…..I shopped online for a while then found not all stores were closing…still have my old bakers membership card….NO way I could live without bakers…always get compliments on my shoes from men and women…..and of course I always get the matching purse….ILOVEBAKERS….TONYAGOINGS1@aol.com….size 7 1/2

  114. Nancy

    Bakers!!! Your shoes make me feel beautiful…. I wear so many of your shoes in size 6 and I can’t stop buying them. I am sooooo addicted! My favorite pair of heels I’ve bought from you is my electric blue patent leather pair of stilletos with a wide ankle strap and platform. I get so many compliments and I am always a princess when I wear them. Your style and mine are like milk and cookies; they go together so well!
    Love, Nancy

  115. April

    Love Bakers and m Bakers shoes!!! Would love to add to my collection. Size 8! :)

  116. TaNisha Jones

    OMG! Bakers, how do I miss you. I live in Wisconsin and was surprised to find the retail stores closed.

    Size: 10
    Twitter: Tanilee1
    Instagram: Tanijones1
    Facebook: TaNisha Jones

  117. Steph Townsend

    Steph Townsend
    Love Bakers shoes! I’m a size 8.5 or 8 in heels! ;)

  118. Wendy

    I love Bakers shoe`s,miss going to the stores.Heels Heels the higher the better.

  119. Jojo

    Love you guys! Some of the best shoes in a size 12. Thank you for carrying my size, I’m too young and hot for granny shoes…

  120. Kelsey

    I looooooooooooove Baker’s shoes! I am a size 8!!!!!!!!!

  121. Stephanie W

    I knew I could count on Bakers with any event I had to get ready for. Always has the best shoes, many options, and reasonable prices. Love the accessories too. Thanks Bakers! Bakersbabe for life! Me and my sister lol. (Size 9)

  122. Whitley kizzee

    I love all my bakers shoes baby! You guys have the best comfortable stylish shoes anybody coucould ask for! I follow you guys on instagram and I also receive email notifications! I can definitely use that gift card! I need to add new swagg to my closet! #getbackatme #bakerschic4ever #follow me on instagram#whitchanel

  123. Whitley kizzee

    I need a size 10 or 11 please! #badbakerschic#whitchanel

  124. Nancy

    Shoes shoes shoes !!! Bakers bakers !! Addict for shoes 6.5

  125. Nichol Harps

    I love BAKERS shoes. They are cute & proportional. When I see the size 6 on display & then I ask a sales person for my size (SIZE 10), it’s still a fabulous shoe. So many other brands make the larger sizes look less attractive/proportional, almost BOATLIKE, not BAKERS !!!

  126. Pavla

    I cannot go to Bakers and leave without a pair of shoes! Pavla, size 8.

  127. Alison Walters

    Ummmm, when are you guys going to announce the winners? I’ve been holding my breath for a while now and I’m starting to feel dizzy…….

  128. Alison Walters

    Ummmm, when are you guys going to announce the winners? I’ve been holding my breath for a while now and I’m starting to feel dizzy…….

  129. Jazmine Liss

    Following in twitter and instagram: @sheerstomping
    Liked on Facebook: Jazmine Liss Aranas

    Fingers crossed! They closed the Bakers here in my city and its just a shame!

    Size 6 ♥

  130. Jen stone

    Did someone say FREE shoes?!? I’m TOTALLY on it lol.

  131. Eva Marie

    Size 7. : ) Fingers crossed. I’ve been eying a pair for awhile now…

  132. Aminata Tejan-Cole

    Size 8 or 81/2 please. Best shoes a girl could ask for

  133. Liliana Soria

    Liliana Soria…size 6…..OMG SHOES!!! *crossing fingers* :)

  134. ilse

    I love you shoes you have great variety of shoes
    Im your fan and love your items

  135. Alexandra

    I loovvveeee bakers and I always recommend it to my friends, family, and co workers. #1 fan;). 7.5

  136. Brittany J

    Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Bon giorno! Ni hao! Shalom! Ciao! My name is Brittany, I wear an 8 1/2 and I NEED NEW SHOES!!! =0)

  137. Terri

    I fell in love with Bakers Shoes 7 years ago . I bought a pair for my wedding reception. I’ve been rocking then ever since. They look good in Corporate America. I love it when someone stops me and ask me where I got my shoes from. MY show game is impeccable thanks to you guys.

  138. Karla Garcia

    I love Bakers shoes so please choose me to win this giveaway!

  139. Lisa Carr

    Lisa Carr, size 8. I’m following you everywhere – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

  140. Edith Rios

    Edith, shoe size 8.

    Already following on IG and Facebook. :)

  141. maddie gonzalez

    Loving the shoes this season..maybe i’ll get lucky!!!!…lol!

  142. sara bradstream


  143. Sarah

    I love baker’s shoes! I’m a broke college kid and I could really use a shoe shopping spree! I’m a size 7.

  144. Lynita Prater

    Oh my God!!! I love Baker’s shoes..I wear a size 11 and don’t too many people carry nice shoes in that size..Thank you Baker’s!!!

  145. Shannon Schleif

    size 9, following on all byrdy1999 on instagram and twitter

  146. CharityS

    Charity- shoe size 8
    Follow on twitter @ccboobooy
    “Like” on Facebook- charity s
    Follow on Instagram- ccboobooy

  147. Stephanie McGlothlin

    LOVE your shoes!! Following on twitter @stephaniemcgloh and like on facebook! :)


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