Trending: #mothtones


Incase you haven’t noticed– we are trend obsessed. Team Bakers is constantly on and all our favorite blogs ( and are a few) to see what the latest ┬ácolors, shoe shapes, and materials are happening so you can look your freshest! For pre fall, our favorite theme was “moth tones”. Greys, blacks, whites, and nudes, all are welcome in our fall wardrobe!

Who did it best? We have to say Givenchy served you some wings of a bug realness with their textured patchy neutrals. All we have to say is #GIVEITTOME!

givenchy-pre-fall-2013-04_131721521715.jpg_article_singleimage givenchy-pre-fall-2013-18_131732120139 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2013-Lookbook-2 Givenchy-Pre-Fall-2013-Lookbook Givenchy-Pre-fall-2013-New-tote-bag-with-top-handles-and-zip-3T


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